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                           Book through PRIVATE JUDGE DONALD A COX
                                      He travels to your selected location 

2020......WE CAN HELP IN THIS EMERGENCY HEALTH CRISIS...WE are committed to serving Your Needs.  See Blog for Details.

Private hearings for Domestic Cases (Every Thurs & Friday )
Private Trials for Civil Cases
Mediation for all Cases ( Mon, Tues Possibly Wed) 

                     Want to do a Private Hearing?

                       HAVE YOUR ATTORNEY:  
Download  & Read the Domestic procedures and Hearing checklist from Download page. If Filing is other than Franklin co, check the rules for each county.
Fill out our  3 easy forms,
 1. Motion of referral, 
 2. Agreed Entry, 
 3. Private Judge's Contract.   
File same time with the court papers pertaining to the case or later and you'll be on your way . 
(**very important) NOTE if corrections are made to one of the forms you must file all 3 again together as a packet   ( ALL 3 , ALWAYS)  
 email  for scheduling 

 We will need name of case, date of filing or date you would like to file,a dissolution  hearing will be 31days out from date of filing. (30th day is still a waiting day )
or an uncontested divorce, hearing will be set 43days out from date of filing, (he 42nd day is still a waiting day)
Name & address of attorney, a phone # that can be reached before or time of the hearing ( cell is best in case of traffic problems, office phones go to voicemail)  Leave any details you want her to know that pertains to the case for scheduling purposes.

(Judge does not do Pro Se (do it yourself cases)

local: 614-875-9812
toll free: 888-629-3793
fax: 614-875-9851



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