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Start Time:  Wednesdays at 3:00 PM, Saturdays at 10:00 AM 
Check In:      2:15 PM Wednesdays  9:15 AM Saturdays 
Location:       5900 Roche Drive, Columbus, OH 43229


2:15/9:15      Check In and Pick Up Course Material       
                 Presentation by Retired Judge Donald A. Cox 
3:00/10:00 Overview of Mediation and ADR Procedures 
3:20/10:20  Preparing the Client for Mediation
3:40/10:40  Representing the Client in Mediation     
                 Presentation by George Abu Federal Mediator 
4:00/11:00   Use of ADR in labor and contract negotiations
4:25/11:25     Resolution of contract disputes & grievances 
4:45/11:45     Break (15 minutes)  Assignment for 2 role plays 
5:00/12:00   Practice makes Perfect   Presented by Cox and Albu                
Role Play #1 Acadia Parish Water Company Mediation 
5:30/12:30   Role Play#2 Acadia Parish School Grievance Mediation 
6:00/1:00     Ohio Mediation Statute and Case law (Panel)
6:15/1:15        Dismissal   Completion of Program  

Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions during presentation and at the end of each section.  Attendees will be asked to volunteer in the two role play sessions and will be asked to offer assistance to the participants in the role play.

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